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Beam Tech Electronics Warranty Policy

The manufacturing processes from material procurement through assembling and quality assurance are all according to the ISO 9001 regulations. The applied parts and components are all traceable, and the processes are all recorded. Besides the above for ensuring our manufacturing quality, we also provide the following supports:

  • Two-year warranty for each UPS after delivery date. Beam Tech will be responsible for free replacement of PCB in the warranty period.
  • 1% free spare PCB of ordered quantity will be delivered along with each shipment to distributors for maintenance purpose.
  • Service manual will be provided to our authorized distributors, which includes repairing flow chart, trouble shooting, and other related information as reference of repairing and replacement.
  • Free training would be executed for our distributors' technicians upon their request. Technicians from our distributors are welcome to be sent to Beam's factory for free training. The training will include steps of assembling, test, adjustment, repairing, & replacement of Beam's UPS.

Beyond Warranty Period

  • Free labor cost for repairing will be applied even the warranty period is over. For those repairable failed components, Beam Tech would repair it with charge only at costs of key parts, such as MOSFET, IC, etc.
  • Cost-basis new components for replacement will be applied if new components for replacement are required. The charge would be at components cost only.
  • Freight cost would be shared by both sides. Each side, distributors and Beam Tech, will take one way freight cost for all repairing & replacement units or components.

Contact Beam Tech

4F, No. 756 Chung-Cheng Rd., Chung-Ho (23586), New Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-2226-1000
FAX: 886-2-2225-6675